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When designing the R 14, TR 14, and SR 14 microphones we wanted to create a classic vintage-style ribbon microphone in the vein of the early RCA microphones. We used classic long ribbon geometry. Thin corrugated aluminum ribbon is tensioned between two rare earth neodymium magnets. As the ribbon moves with the ambient acoustic air pressure variation a current is induced in the ribbon itself. This current is the microphone's output signal. The ribbon is placed just forward of the magnet center. This provides a very slight low-end roll-off on the backside of the microphone, which can be very useful if proximity effect needs to be countered. The R 14 delivers clean, balanced output through the use of a custom output transformer. The R 14's sound is rich, warm, and silky smooth with generous low end. It is un-hyped, natural, and takes EQ very nicely. The R 14 ribbon microphone is the perfect complement to the condensers in your microphone collection.

The microphone comes as a complete system including: R 14 Microphone in a Wood Box, and a Shock Mount.


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Technical Data
Type: Ribbon-Velocity Studio Microphone
Operating Principle: Electrodynamic Pressure Gradient
Magnets: Rare Earth Neodymium
Frequency Range: 30Hz/16KHz
Polar Pattern: Figure 8 (Bi-Directional)
Sensitivity: > -52 dBV re: 1v/pa
Impedance: 200 ohms
SPL: 149 dB
Equivalent Noise: 0 dB(A)
Power Requirements: None required or recommended
Size: 36mm x 176 mm
Weight: 496g

Reviews & Demos

'For trumpet, alto sax, voice, and guitar, ribbons capture a sound that isn't easily replicated with anything else. Let me just say I use ribbons a lot.'
'My first test pitted the R14 against the R-121 and R84 on two of my acoustics, both Taylors… Frankly I was blown away by the Peluso. All three mics sounded very similar in the upper mids. The R84 was a tad brighter in the top. The R14 was looser in the lower end and I'd say much warmer than either of the other mics. Bigger bottom.'
'The Peluso sounds like a real ribbon; more like the old ribbons.'

Henry Robinett, Tape Op, November 2006





'The R 14 is such a great sounding mic. I've used it on vocals, guitar cabs, drum room, violins, as a stereo pair for ensembles, the list goes on. It's a really versatile mic and will take high end EQ boosts really smoothly, without sounding harsh or tinny. I've been using them on guitar cabs lately to get some really great distorted guitar sounds that are extremely full-bodied and present. The R 14 is also a great choice on harsh sounding instruments like glockenspiel or trumpet, making them fit into the mix in a much more comfortable way. Overall, it's just a great mic to have around when you want things a little bit different than normal and it allows me to be more creative - always a good thing.'
Matt Weston, Swamp Songs
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