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The Peluso P-Stereo is a solidstate large diaphragm condenser microphone. The P-Stereo features two independently mounted dual sided 34mm P-K69 capsules. These dual sided center terminated capsules closely emulate the sound of a vintage SM-69. The lower capsule (B) has a fixed position while the upper capsule (A) may be rotated up to 90°. A 3-pattern switch is provided on the front of the microphone body for each capsule, allowing omni-directional, cardioid and figure 8. A 10dB pad switch is located on the back of the microphone body. This microphone can run from its included power supply or, if AC power is not available, it will run from phantom power with slightly reduced SPL handling. The microphone connects to its power supply with an included 5-conductor cable. The power supply is equipped with two standard 3-pin XLR outputs. In the studio or on location the P-Stereo delivers the deep lows and airy highs of vintage large diaphragm mics, in stereo.

The microphone comes as a complete system including: P-Stereo Microphone in a Wood Box, Power Supply, 5 Conductor Cable, and a Shock Mount all packed in a Flight Case.

Sorry, this mic model is no longer available.


Technical Data
Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 34mm P-K69 capsule
Frequency Range: 17Hz/25Khz
Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Omni, & Figure 8
Sensitivity: 12 mv/pa
Impedance: 200 ohms
SPL: 148 dB w/ 10dB pad
Equivalent Noise: 15 dB(A)
Power Requirements: Included Dedicated Power Supply, 115V, 230V
                         or Phantom - 48v ± 4v
Size: 46 mm x 262 mm
Weight: 750 g

Reviews & Demos


'When I started to use the P-stereo microphone in its place, I was jaw-droppingly surprised.  I was nearly inspired!  So lush and sweet.  So full bodied and robust sounding.  So wet… so NEUMANN!  You could have told me I was listening to any vintage recording setup and I would have agreed w/o blinking.' 
-NicksPicks, May 28 2009

NicksPicks P-Stereo
NicksPicks Review

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