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The Peluso Stage One, or PS-1, brings Peluso large diaphragm condenser microphone technology to the stage. Delivering detailed clarity with a warm tone that you would expect from a studio condenser. The PS-1 provides very high gain while delivering the feedback rejection required in a live environment. The capsule is internally shock mounted with dual silicone disks eliminating handling noise. A rugged metal head basket with internal foam windscreen protects against pops and moisture. An 18 dB pad switch will match the gain to familiar dynamic microphones, accommodating more powerful sources. A low-end roll-off switch reduces rumbles and a high-end roll-off switch reduces wind and other high frequency noise. Whether you are playing in a club, a theater, an arena, or at a festival; with live monitors or in-ear, the PS-1 will bring exceptional tone and clarity to your on-stage performance!

Acoustically matched microphones available upon special request.

Microphone kit comes as a complete system including: PS-1 Microphone and Hard Stand Mount and a padded zipper bag.


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Technical Data
Capsule Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 1" capsule
Frequency Range: 20Hz/20Khz
Polar Pattern: Super-cardioid
Sensitivity: 10 mv/pa
Impedance: 200 ohms
SPL: 145 dB
Equivalent Noise: 18 dB(A)
Power Requirements: Phantom - 48v
Size: 48mm x 203mm
Weight: 418g
Here a playlist of YouTube videos featuring the Peluso PS-1

Reviews & Demos

"I have been using 4 PS-1 mic's for about a year now with The Lonesome River Band. They have been dropped. Stands knocked over and in the rain at outdoor festivals. Never a problem. As soon as I hooked them up the band noticed improvement in their IEM mixes. Vocal intelligibility and clarity was better than ever. Having high and low pass filters
on the mic has been an extra cool tool to enhance any singers voice."
- Allen Conner, FOH Lonsome River Band

Coming from the recording days in the late 70’s at both the Record Plant NYC, Hit Factory and RCA Studios the great microphone arsenal was at our disposal. Now Peluso microphones fills the gap as many of the great mics are hard to come by not only for what they are but cost alone. The entire line of Peluso microphones are of audio quality and build that nothing can touch them.I’ve used them in the studio and on the road with the late Natalie Cole, The Abbey Road “Sessions Tour“ (the 22 47 SE on all vocals), Elvis “Live” on Screen tours (the PS-1 on BGV & P-67's on drum overhead) and I will be using them on the Maria Callas Hologram Tour in 2018 (PS-1 on instruments and percussion). I can’t say more about these mics except “they make your ears smile“
-Howard 'Howie' Lindeman

"The PS-1 is no joke and no exaggeration - the best sounding stage mic I've ever sang through.  I've used it in theaters, festivals, good sounding clubs and a packed Red Rocks.  The PS-1 represents the full spectrum of frequencies most accurately without too much or too little in any part of the spectrum.  I own a nuemann ksm handheld, and to me the PS-1 sounds leagues better. "
- Daniel Rodriguez, Lead guitar & voacl w/Elephant Revival

Dan Rodriguez using the PS-1 with Elephant Revival
Red Rocks Amphitheater summer 2017,
photo courtesy of:
Lisa Siciliano, Dog Daze Photo

Peluso Brochure
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