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We have a deep respect for AKG and the microphone innovations they have pioneered. As tubes were widely replaced by transistors in the 1970's the 414 replaced the C 12. Looking over the long and complicated lineage of the 414, we wanted to reproduce what has been most loved about this fabled classic. We drew heavily from the 1976 EB version with the original CK12-style brass capsule. This brass dual-backplate edge-terminated 34mm capsule gave AKG microphones the detailed mid-range and shimmering high-end air they are most loved for. Four polar patterns gave it additional versatility. The highest quality modern components ensure a very low self-noise, essential in a modern microphone. We achieve our balanced output with a generously sized transformer, eliminating interference and distortion. When it came to the design of the body and head grille we knew durability was of paramount importance. We crafted our head grille, body and stem all of heavy brass and steel for maximum durability. This microphone is just as much at home in front of a passionate vocalist as it is a heavy metal drum kit. The Peluso P-414 is truly bringing the very best aspects of vintage sound to new life.

Acoustically matched pairs available upon special request.

Microphone kit comes as a complete system including: P-414 Microphone in velvet bag and Shock Mount, and Foam Wind Screen, all packed in a locking Flight Case.

MSRP $1,293 USD

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Technical Data
Capsule Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 34mm capsule
Frequency Range: 20Hz/20Khz
Polar Pattern: Hyper-cardioid, Cardioid, Omni, Figure of 8
Sensitivity: 12 mv/pa
Impedance: 200 ohms
SPL: 162 dB w/ 20 dB pad
Equivalent Noise: 12 dB(A)
Power Requirements: Phantom - 48v +/- 4v
Current Consumption: < 4.0 MA
Size: 114/188mm H x 51mm W x 38mm D
Weight: 490g

Here is a playlist of YouTube videos that feature the P-414

Reviews & Demos

Beehive Productions

"I would call the P-414 a resounding success! It sounds great, and might be my favorite model that Peluso has made so far. A pair of these mics would be a great addition to any mic locker, and will find uses on darn near everything."
-Paul Vnuk, RECording Magazine

Beehive Productions

"There’ve been many iterations of the 414 microphone. And, engineers have been waiting for a re-issue vintage style, for a very long time.  And finally, Peluso has stepped up to the plate with their P-414!"
-Joe Dickinson, Vintage King

Beehive Productions

"The Peluso 414 was immediately a comfortable microphone for me and a welcome addition to my own family of Peluso mics!  The P-414 sounds better to my ear than any other 414 variations I’ve experienced.  It has become my go to mic now for guitar amps, live background vocals, single-mic solo performers and wide stereo placement in small ensemble settings.  This mic smoothly captures a broad sonic and dynamic range, making it a great choice as a centerpiece in omni and cardiod or as accents in hypercardiod and figure-8.  Its low profile is also nice for visuals and great for traveling!  Whether your using it for drums, amps, stringed instruments or vocals, this is such a versatile mic it could be a quiver of one (or two)!!! "
- Jeff Oehler, Audio Engineer, Beehive Productions

Pewter Sessions: Radio Jarocho - "La Gallina"
Filmed LIVE at the HOOT! - Winter 2018
Complete ensemble recorded with a P-84 spaced pair

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