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Chuck Ebert

Chuck Ebert


Mark Capps; Engineer / Mixer / Producer From Nashville, TN

Recent Projects include: 

The Isaacs (Grammy Nominee / Dove Winner)
Tim Menzies (Grammy Nominee)
Jimmy Fortune / Bradley Walker / Gaither Vocal Band / Highroad / Band Of Ruhks / Appalachian Road Show / The Booth Brothers / The Oak Ridge Boys

As a studio brat, I had the privilege to see the making of albums from an early age thanks to my Dad, Session / Opry A-team guitarist Jimmy Capps. As a guitar player myself, I always loved music, but I also was fascinated with buttons, knobs and lights, the smell of musty microphones and the scent of analog tape. On the other side of the glass I started as an intern at Sony/Tree Music publishing then a stint at Al Jolson's Masterlink Studios (now Zak Brown's Southern Ground) and then finally a staff position at The Sound Shop Studios where I assisted the best engineers, picking out what they did that I liked and made my own style of recording. First sessions being publishing demos, Ronnie McDowell, The Kentucky Headhunters. Becoming a staple on Don Cook, Scott Hendricks and Johnny Slate projects I then moved into the first engineer chair. 33 years later, with dozens of gold / platinum albums, 4 Grammy Awards and 10 additional Grammy nominations to my credit, I continue blending the best of Digital and Analog Recording and Mixing Formats.



"I can always count on Peluso to match every artist I work with. Tonally they are so close to the originals. The 22 251 is the Vocal mic we use on Sonya Isaacs."

"The 22 47 SE captures the sound of vintage amplifiers perfectly"

"Loving the P-12!!!! Smooth!!!!!! Y'all continue to nail it with every product."

- Mark Capps



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Mark Capps Web Site
Mark Capps Web Site



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