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"None of the overheads I have used, had the presence and clarity we get with the CEMC-6 and I have tried many pairs in the last 8 years"
-John Kovalski

'The CEMC-6: Since we use custom fit in-ear monitors in our live performance, my drum mics get put under the microscope night after night by me and all the band members. Since we switched to the Peluso CEMC-6's, I think everyone in the band would agree that the monitor mix has improved greatly (along with the drum mix out front I am sure). None of the overheads I have used, had the presence and clarity we get with the CEMC-6 and I have tried many pairs in the last 8 years.
I am not really a loud drummer, I think my drum style is a bit more jazzy and folky, so good overheads become very important.'

'As a departure from our electric sound, we also play a good amount of all acoustic shows (2 acoustic guitars, acoustic bass and drums). For this setup I tend to leave all of my drum mics at home, lighten up my stick and cymbal selection, and use only my CEMC-6's and a kick drum mic. I really like them in that setting. I usually go to a more full range filter selection on the CEMC-6's as well as using the nice shock mounts that are included.'

'In addition to using all Peluso mics during the Blackwater Sessions recording with Harrold Thompson, L Shape Lot has also used the 22 47 LE that we won in the Under the Radar mic package for additional tracks at other studios. One thing that comes to mind is the banjo track on "Run Johnny Run" (from Blackwater Sessions CD) and some additional backing vocals we added later. I especially like the idea that these are hand made, super high quality mics, produced very close by in VA.'
-John Kovalski

L Shape Lot

Mixing a healthy amount of musical chops, honest, and creative songwriting, powerful stage presence and well sung four-part harmonies, L Shape Lot creates an original and dynamic Americana sound based in country, rock, bluegrass, and roots/folk music. Their lively sound explores new ground, while still paying homage to their predecessors. L Shape Lot is from Wilmington, NC and consists of four members: Eric Miller (Acoustic guitar, vocals), Alex Lanier (electric, acoustic guitar, vocals) Rick Williams (6 string electric bass, upright bass, vocals) and John Kovalski (drums, vocals).

Their high-energy live shows have become a hot ticket at both night clubs and music festivals of all types. This group of veteran musicians has been perfecting their sound for over 9 years. Its genesis was the steady train-like acoustic guitar layered over a sturdy country/bluegrass rhythm section with Eric Miller’s booming baritone roots vocals. But it came into full bloom when Alex Lanier brought his blistering proficiency on both acoustic guitar and a Fender Telecaster to the mix. In 2009, the band completed their second full-length studio release, Looks Like Snow, and earned excellent press and numerous honors including Encore Magazine’s Best Band and The Beat Magazine’s Best Country Band.  In 2011, L Shape Lot was voted winners of the prestigious Under the Radar Series at Virginia’s Floyd Fest.  In 2012, L Shape Lot released its third full-length studio album, Blackwater Sessions. L Shape Lot continues to travel the south-east performing at venues of all kinds.

So what can you expect at a live L Shape Lot performance? Expect to hear music ranging from solid originals to classic country, to traditional bluegrass, to unique blends of all genres. Expect to dance even if you aren’t good at it. Expect knowledge of and respect for multiple musical genres and a passion for weaving them together. Expect to see four gentlemen with the utmost dedication to professionalism and showmanship having the time of their lives and doing their best to make sure that their audience does the same.



John Kovalski

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