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Ian Litovich


Ian Michael Litovich was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico 
but is currently residing in NYC where he works as a 
producer, session musician & engineer. He is a multi-instrumentalist able to play guitar, bass, slide guitar, lap steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, baritone and keyboards and occasionally some background vocals. This has led him to play in a number of bands, touring through the US and also doing a wide number of studio sessions which opened the door for producing. Having a wide background of musical styles he has been asked to record and produce on numerous albums and tracks with different artists from all over the world. 

Ian has worked with Grammy Award Winning Producer's/Engineers like John Seymour, Andy Taub and Brandon Wilde, recording guitar tracks for songs that have reached the top 10 iTunes/Billboard charts and artists that have been featured in American Idol, America's Got Talent and others. He currently works out of his own studio '333 Studios' based in Brooklyn NY where he finds himself doing everything from singer songwriter sessions, sound design, film scores and producing & mixing tracks for artists in all types of genres. 

Chuck Ebert



"I recently purchased a CEMC-6 after having tried out one that a friend lent me for a while and I have been blown away by this mic. I am a producer/engineer/musician here in NYC where I work out of my own studio in Brooklyn (333 Studios). I've worked with tons for artist & genres from pop, rock, hiphop, r&b, jazz, country etc and I've been able to use this mic a lot lately on different sources successfully. It's really becoming one of my go-to sdc mics for acoustics, percussion and stringed instruments. It sounds BEAUTIFUL. I still can't believe the price point of this mic and how high quality and fidelity this is. 

I've been so impressed with it that I'd love to see if I could join your artist community. I've been lately turning on a lot of my clients to this mic and everybody loves it! Having owned tons of mics from vintage German ones to new expensive ones this beats out a lot of pencil mics i've recorded with."

- Ian Litovich



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