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Daniel Rodriguez

There is something about Daniel Rodriguez's song that evokes the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie. His soul-full song is firmly in that lineage of big-souled American music.

Growing up in a world that seems to tell you how to be and what to do he came to question his place in all of it- as his guitar and notepad beckoned him more often than the ideas of school, success and a bland notion of mediocrity. After leaving college and taking a long road trip with a compadre it became clear that poetry, music, observation and lyricism were his louder callings.

This loud calling brought him to meet Ms. Bonnie May Paine, a fellow song writer/musician; a meeting perhaps as fateful as Joan Baez's and Bob Dylan's musical encounter in Cambridge, MA. Except this fateful meeting would occur in New London, CT at a club called Station 58. Station 58 was a club where artists, poets, musicians and barstool philosophers mingled, formed bands and created the foundations for many artistic endeavors that still thrive today.

This was the beginning of a musical odyssey whose geographical dimensions have extended from its meager beginnings to a large national and international presence. And it's songwriting dimensions include the edgy progressive folk music of 'Elephant Revival'.

And although this musical odyssey is ten-years-old, it is always just beginning.

Aside from Elephant Revival but not dis-cluding, Rodriguez has become known as an established independent record producer.



"The PS-1 is no joke and no exaggeration - the best sounding stage mic I’ve ever sang through.  I’ve used it in theaters, festivals, good sounding clubs and a packed Red Rocks.  The PS-1 represents the full spectrum of frequencies most accurately without too much or too little in any part of the spectrum.  I own a nuemann ksm handheld, and to me the PS-1 sounds leagues better." 

"I love the 22 47 SE on pretty much any source I've put it on. Acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, "both" male and female vocals, cello etc... It creates a lush rich sound, and helps capture the true sound of the instrument. This mic teamed with the P-84 is a magical pairing for acoustic sources."

"The P-84s are great mics! Very balanced response. The lows aren't boomy, and the mids and highs are smooth and pleasing. Having a pair of these gives you a great stereo image for any source, room or instrument."

-Daniel Rodriguez




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Elephant Revival

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