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Gene dropped by the Mic Lab a few months back. Gene has an amazing collection Peluso mics that he has aquired over the past decade or so. We had a lot of fun talking about his studio and how he uses our mics. It is always inspiring to meet those who put our gear to great use. Take a look at his website, and if you're ever in Harrisonburg VA, you ought to pay BeARcade a visit!

BeARcade Music Studio

BeARcade Music Productions is dedicated to capturing and reproducing the finest quality musical sounds from around the world. Special emphasis is added to “hand-made” or acoustic music from all ethnicities with particular focus on American “roots” music of the Appalachian Mountain area of the United States.

BeARcade Music Productions provides live sound reinforcement, sound capture for video and studio recording, mixing and mastering. We specialize in sound reinforcement for acoustic instrumentation and provide recording capabilities for both live and studio applications.

BeARcade have recently expanded to a two-story timber frame studio that was almost two years in the making, but with the help of dedicated family members and friends, is now open for business.  The whole building process was a collaborative effort of family and a few close friends. 

The newly-constructed studio facility creates a high quality music studio environment for recording your music, voice overs or audio/video tracking. The studio is located in the pristine countryside of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, offering a natural and relaxed atmosphere to allow performers to produce their best work.

The facility is comprised of a large live room (20′ x 36′) with 18′ vaulted ceiling, drum room/lounge (12′ x 12′), vocal/isolation booths and an acoustically accurate control room (12′ x 17′) for mixing and mastering.

Gene Bowlen

BeARcade Music Productions is owned and operated by Gene Bowlen. Gene has been an active member within the local Old Time community for over 15 years and has been recording music for almost as long. He has produced a number of albums for friends and members of his band. Now, with his newly-constructed studio, he is able to offer his services to the music community at large!





"For vocals I use the P-49 and 22 47 a lot and occasionally the TR 14. I use the P-28s and the P-84s for stereo recording setups sometimes including one of the tube condensers in the middle. The P-28s are my go to mics for acoustic instruments and drum overheads although the P-84s may take over some of these roles. I have used all of the tube condenser mics as room mics for live recordings with great success."

-Gene Bowlen


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