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VTB Vacuum Tube Bottle Microphone

Click Here For Specs and More Photos of the VTB

The design of this exciting new microphone is inspired by the classic German Bottle Microphones. The VTB uses innovative Peluso circuitry giving it an extremely low noise floor with classic tube sound. It has a strong and clean low end, smooth and flat mid-range, and lots of high end air. The Peluso VTB has 9 polar patterns, controlled from the power supply. It also has an additional switch to disable the pattern control system, allowing it to run in single diaphragm cardioid mode, giving it extremely pure cardioid characteristics.
The microphone comes as a complete system, with Microphone in Wood Box, Power Supply, 7 Conductor Cable, and Shock Mount in Flight Case.
Made in the USA.
MSRP $1496.25 USD

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